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Ajooni sixteenth November 2022 Written Episode Replace: Harvinder Is Lifeless – HindiAble

Ajooni sixteenth November 2022 Written Episode, Written Substitute on HindiAble.com

Scene 1
Aman cries and tells Ajooni that I modified your recorder, that’s all occurring as a consequence of me. Ajooni says don’t worry, nothing will happen to him. Aman says I get punished for behaving badly with you. Ajooni says God is with you, don’t worry. She goes from there.

Rajveer calls his males and ask them to hunt for Harvinder. Ajooni comes there and says it’s best to satisfy Shikha moreover. He was alongside together with her as soon as I met him the ultimate time. He nods and leaves.

Rajveer entails Shikha’s house collectively along with his males. Shikha’s father will get scared. Rajveer asks the place is Shikha? Rajveer asks his males to go searching the house. His father says what occurred? Rajveer says Harvinder had an accident and Shikha was with him sooner than that, if one thing happens to him then I obtained’t spare you people.

Ravindra comes once more residence and asks Ajooni the place is Rajveer? Did you people uncover the proof? I merely want proofs correct now in another case you’ll be punished. He takes a belt and says Rajveer could flip up if I try and hit you. Bebe comes there and stops him. She says do you even know what’s happening? She says Harvinder acquired into an accident, we’re unable to hunt out him. Ravindra shouts why was I not known as? Ajooni says I tried nevertheless your cellphone was not working. Bebe cries for him. Ravindra goes to check about him.

Rajveer tells his associates to control Shika’s house. I’ve a doubt on her. Rajveer comes once more residence and tells Ravindra that I went to Shikha’s house. Ajooni says I seen Harvinder with Shikha as soon as I met him the ultimate time. Rajveer says Shikha was not there. Ravindra says we’ve now to hunt out Harvinder.

Aman prays for Harvinder’s life and says don’t punish me like this. Bebe is crying for Harvinder and says everyone used to curse him rather a lot, he was on their lonesome. Ravindra asks Rajveer if he found Shikha? Rajvere says not correct now. The inspector arrives there and says we found a deadbody inside the automotive, we’re capable of’t decide it though. They carry a couple of deadbody there which is roofed with a sheet. The inspector provides some gold chains to them. Aman says that’s Harvinder’s chains solely. Ravindra falls down and should’t think about it. Ajooni takes Aman from there. The inspector takes the deadbody from there. Bebe cries.

Ravindra sadly appears to be at Harvinder’s {photograph}. Rajveer comes there. Ravindra says I obtained’t cry, I’m sturdy. He says Harvinder cherished us all. Rajveer hugs him and cries. Ravindra says don’t cry, we’ve now to be sturdy for the family. Rajveer says I’ve a doubt on Shikha. Ravindra says do one thing nevertheless uncover her at any value.

A woman enters Shikha’s house in a veil. Rajveer’s buddy hides and sees that. He calls him and says I seen any individual stepping into their house. Rajveer says I’m coming there.

Shikha sits alongside together with her father and eats meals. She says I’ve to depart sooner than anyone can catch me. The door bell rings, her father opens the door to hunt out Rajveer there. They’re shocked.

PRECAP – Ravindra locations a gun on Shikha so she says Harvinder didn’t have an accident, any individual murdered him. Ravindra asks who did it? Shikha says I do know who was behind it, she components at Ajooni and says she killed him. All are shocked.

Substitute Credit score rating to: Atiba


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