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All Solo Leveling Characters

One of many quickly increasing webtoons, Solo leveling , incorporates a distinct motion story about awakening. The plot will get progressively extra intense and interesting as further chapters are launched. All of us developed a detailed bond with the characters because of their distinctive journeys and development as folks. So here’s a checklist of each Solo leveling character together with their bios.

S -Rank Hunters

Sung Jinwoo

He was previously a really weak E-Rank Hunter, however when he was chosen because the Participant of the System, he was given the possibility of a lifetime and was given the ability to develop stronger with out limits. In consequence, Jinwoo lastly attained energy because the second Shadow Monarch and the best hunter within the historical past of humanity by using the chances supplied to him by the System. Jinwoo is a humble and benevolent particular person who cares deeply for his household and has a powerful thirst for energy. In consequence, he’s very near his sister and his mom, and infrequently wastes a possibility to develop stronger.

Thomas Andre

Thomas, the son of a low-income European immigrant household, grew up in a hostile setting. He developed right into a brawler so as to survive in such a hostile setting and repeatedly displayed his pure potential for dominance via infinite skirmishes with anybody silly sufficient to problem him. Years later, when folks found that magic monsters existed, Thomas grasped the possibility to turn into an actual king and eventually excelled to turn into some of the highly effective hunters in your entire world.

Liu Zhigang

Zhigang is conceited and battle-hungry, as evidenced by his outburst of dissatisfaction about being unable to tackle the Ant King. He’s very direct in speech. Sung Jinwoo was far stronger than him and labeled those that disagreed as silly. To those that have earned his regard, he does, nonetheless, show friendliness and humility.

Christopher Reed

Chris was a bit of egotistical and was very happy with his talents. However his ego didn’t make him silly. After some consideration he took Norma’s warning of his impending loss of life significantly. He was additionally portrayed as a lone wolf due to the way in which he lived alone . The truth that he fought the three Monarchs who pursued him . Although he knew he would perish within the course of.

Sung Il-Hwan

Il-Hwan was dedicated to his household and had little persistence for anyone who tried to harm them or intrude along with his objective. As evidenced by the extreme beating he inflicted on Hwang Dongsoo for trying to kill his child for egocentric causes. He was additionally merciful and selfless. Going out of his option to save others who had been unintentionally caught within the crossfire of his battle. With Hwang whereas additionally selecting to spare Hwang’s life regardless of being able to take action.

Go Gunhee

Gunhee was a humble, open, and sincere particular person who was very appreciative in direction of these with good morals. But additionally very distasteful in direction of those that solely aimed for private acquire. In consequence, Gunhee had a very good relationship with Sung Jinwoo . And was broadly revered in Korean society. He was additionally a workaholic to the purpose that his job affected his well being . And desired to struggle for the higher good, as he yearned to be a hunter once more and hated the truth that his age was protecting him down.

Goto Ryuji

Goto seemed to be a cool, composed, and courteous one that rarely displayed any indicators of tension or rage. He deserted the Korean S-Rank Hunters to die for his private acquire . And confirmed no pity for his guildmates when he found their deaths, which revealed that he was truly consumed by overconfidence . And had a horrible disrespect for human life. Goto had a really fragile ego. Although, and was typically scared by extra highly effective adversaries like Sung Jinwoo.

Lennart Niermann

Regardless of being essentially the most highly effective hunter in his native realm. Lennart shouldn’t be overly haughty and is form and affected person. As seen by the greater than two hours he waited to talk with Sung Jinwoo head to head. He might be extremely unselfish, as evidenced by the truth that he sacrificed his life to avoid wasting Thomas Andre from the Beast Monarch . And he additionally demonstrates sound judgment. As proven by the truth that he sought out Jinwoo’s safety as quickly because the latter alerted the world to the menace posed by the Monarchs.


Woo Jinchul

Jinchul is a really stoic man who hardly ever ever exhibits emotion. As famous by Choi Jong-In, he doesn’t like to take a position about issues and prefers to stay solely to the details. Very similar to his superior Go Gunhee, Jinchul additionally despises those that are solely after private acquire.

Regardless of his chilly {and professional} exterior, nonetheless, Jinchul deeply revered Gunhee and was depressed for days after studying about his homicide. He’s additionally able to displaying anger if he’s pushed too far. As displayed when he intimidated Lee Minsung into standing down along with his power.

Kim Chul

Chul was a extremely haughty particular person who exaggerated his sense of accomplishment. At one level, he even referred to himself because the “Nice Kim Chul.” He had no issue leaving the lower-ranking hunters to struggle for themselves through the Crimson Gate Incident and displayed little remorse after his entire squad was worn out by Yetis, demonstrating his excessive scorn for individuals who had been inferior to him and his lack of empathy for others.

Park Jongsoo

Jongsoo is an outgoing one that doesn’t thoughts talking his opinion, particularly when somebody insults him. He additionally has a aggressive streak, as evidenced by his refusal to provide the Fame Guild entry to an A-Rank Gate that had spawned on his territory, and he’s grasping, as seen when he tried to steal among the essence stones on Jeju Island for himself. Sadly, he’s additionally a bit of naive as a result of, with out taking into consideration Jinwoo’s degree of affect, he sincerely thought he might mix his guild with hers.



Attributable to having been created to destroy all of existence. Antares reveled within the devastation that he brought on along with his powers. He additionally had a really disdainful angle in direction of people . And was keen to slaughter them by the hundreds of thousands so as to lure out the Shadow Monarch to face him in battle.


Ashborn had a beneficiant outlook on folks and a deep respect for all times. His deep want for peace and his frustration with the unending battle between the Monarchs and the Rulers . Ultimately led him to provide each of his ambitions and his talents to a human within the intention of placing a cease to the carnage as soon as and for all. Nevertheless, after understanding the reality about his existence, he remained steadfastly devoted to the Absolute Being and continued to battle on its behalf.


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