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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 sixteenth November 2022 Written Episode, Written Change on HindiAble.com

The Episode begins with Nandini firing Sandy from her job. Sandy says you’re firing me. Vedika asks her to go away from there with the compensation which she is getting due to Adi. Adi is helpless. Vedika says she is just not going to depart any chance to smash her sister and her daughter.

Krish talks to Pihu and asks her to not go near him, until he’ll get fantastic. He’ll get a reputation and asks her to finish her milk. He comes once more after ending the choice and finds Pihu missing. Ram tells Priya that he didn’t have cash, nevertheless can change money from cellphone, nevertheless he doesn’t know strategies to do it. Priya says how can I do it as I don’t know his password. He calls Adi and asks him about his netbanking password. Sara messages Adi that he’s with Priya and asks him to complete the choice. She asks Ram if the amount is huge. Ram says 500 Rs. Sara says a lot much less amount. Priya asks him to take care of the money as current and tells that she don’t want it. He saks what do you do? Priya argues with him. Pihu will get glad seeing them there. He asks Sara to make her have black espresso for a month, I’ll pay you. He says I’m going and goes. Sara asks Priya why did she fight with him. Priya says to make the love happen one other time. Pihu thinks each little factor shall be fantastic. She sees Ram coming out and runs and falls down. Ram helps her get up and calls her beta. Pihu says you known as me beta. He’ll get some flashes and holds her head. Pihu says sorry. Krish comes there and takes Pihu. Vedika messages Ram that interview candidates are reachingb office in an hour. Pihu entails the cafe with Krish and tells Priya that papa’s head was paining seeing her. Priya says your Papa can all the time bear in mind you, as we hold in his coronary coronary heart. Pihu says if he sees me then and tells about Nandini’s phrases. Priya says if he forgets then we’re going to make new recollections. She asks how is she making an attempt? Krish asks Priya if she goes to Ram’s office to develop to be his PA and says if Ram asks Vedika to determine on the PA then. Sandy comes there and tells Priya that she is fired. Priya thinks how will I deal with with out Sandy, I shall be alone.

Ram thinks she was the an identical girl who was crying in hospital and thinks why he felt ache seeing her crying. Servant comes and tells that he couldnt see the lady on the cafe. Vedika comes there with Adi. Adi says I’ve updated the candidates document. He asks about Sandy and tells that he needs her once more. Vedika says she has an irregular employee. Ram says they’re pillars. Vedika will get Krish’s identify. Krish asks Vedika to ask Ram to avoid Priya. He tells that Ram had gone as we communicate to meet Priya there on the an identical cafe. Vedika says Ram has forgotten her. Krish asks her to ask Ram and tells that he’s not going to permit them to smash Priya’s life as soon as extra.

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Change Credit score rating to: H Hasan


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