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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai twenty third November 2022 Written Episode, Written Exchange on HindiAble.com

Tiwari calls Angoori to get some meals for him. Angoori brings some meals for Tiwari. Tiwari tells Angoori that he likes yam rather a lot that he used to steal it from the fields to get it cooked, and likewise all people used to calm him yam stealer. A stranger is out there in and tells Tiwari that he’s proper right here to warn him that he might get raided by income tax officers. Angoori says that Tiwari doesn’t steal one thing. The peon from income tax officers tells her that Tiwari didn’t paid tax. Tiwari will get scared.

Vibhu, David, Teeka and Tillu are cleaning the utensils and the stall. Teeka tells Tillu that it’s was a tricky working day. Tillu agrees with him and tells Teeka that he thinks that everyone was prepared Mishra Chaat Bhandar to open as a result of greatest manner all people was queued all day. Teeka says that he thought they couldn’t even take care of them. David tells them he has been doing this since ages, and is conscious of recommendations on take care of each half. David asks Vibhu that how they made instantly? Vibhu tells David that he’ll in all probability be shocked to know the amount. David asks Vibhu regarding the amount. Vibhu says, 25k. Teeka and Tillu will get shocked and asks Vibhu about their scale back. David tells Vibhu to supply them 100rs and permit them to go. Vibhu will stand up and fingers them 100rs and leaves.

Any particular person is ringing Tiwari’s doorbell. Tiwari goes to check and sees two males standing at his most vital door and one amongst them is getting shocked by the bell. They is out there in and asks Tiwari, why don’t he get the door bell fixed? Tiwari asks them that who’re they? One in all them replies that he’s from income tax division. Tiwari will get scared and wakes up on account of he was dreaming all this. Angoori will get scared too and asks Tiwari, what occurred? Tiwari is bewildered and tells Angoori that he dreamed that they’ve been getting raided by income tax officers. Angoori tells Tiwari to cool down as a result of it was solely dream and tells him to return to sleep.

Anu is chatting with her pal on title and her pal hangs up the choice. Vibhu is out there in and tells Anu that everybody will get jealous when to get worthwhile. Anu moreover agrees with him. Anu asks Vibhu regarding the money he made instantly. Vibhu takes out the band of notes and tells Anu that he made 25000 on the first day. Anu will get shocked and takes the money from Vibhu. Vibhu tells Anu that it was solely day one, shortly they’ll make further and eventually they will be one in all many richest households of India. Angoori will get very excited and ignores Vibhu and says that she goes to place the money inside the locker. Vibhu says that Anu could possibly be very greedy and solely care about money.

Teeka and Tillu are dressed up in suits and Rusa is sitting with them. Rusa asks them about their wage. Tillu tells Rusa that he makes 25000rs month-to-month. Rusa asks within the occasion that they every make 25000rs blended? Teeka tells her that he moreover makes 25000rs. Rusa asks if she should ask commissioner? Tillu says, there should not any vacancies left in Mishra Chaat Bhandar. Rusa says that she was talking about their bridal ceremony. Teeka and Tillu have been dreaming, and actually are sitting with Pelu and kissing his fingers. Tillu asks Teeka that the place is Rusa? Teeka will get scared and can get upset that he was dreaming.

David, Teeka and Tillu are sleeping. Vibhu comes downstairs and tells them to stand up. Everybody will stand up. Vibhu tells them that they should go to market to buy modern greens. Vibhu kicks Tillu and offers him a notepad to place in writing down the determine of greens. David tells him the determine of the entire greens. Tillu falls asleep as soon as extra. Vibhu throws a pillow at him and tells him to place in writing down the entire greens. Teeka says that they’re drained as a result of earlier day. Vibhu tells Teeka that he has to come back again with him to buy the entire greens, and tells Tillu to associate with David to open their restaurant.

Everybody appears to be engaged on the stall. Angoori displays up and sits at a desk. Vibhu stops his work and goes to sit down down collectively together with her. Angoori says that she wanted to see how his enterprise is doing. Vibhu tells Angoori that now she has to eat one factor sooner than leaves. Angoori denies and tells Vibhu that she doesn’t eat one thing outdoor her house. Vibhu swears on Tiwari’s determine and tells Teeka to get one factor for her. Teeka brings Kachori for Angoori. Rusa displays up and tells Vibhu to pack 12 samosas for her. Tillu comes upto her and tells her that he’ll get it ready in couple of minutes. Tillu tells Vibhu to not take money from Rusa, nevertheless as an alternative scale back it from their salaries. Teeka moreover agrees with Tillu. David says that their 2 days wage will in all probability be deducted. Tillu tells Rusa that he’ll ship the meals at her residence. Rusa thanks him and leaves.

Anu is ready to go someplace. Tiwari sees her and can get mesmerised. Tiwari goes up her and greets her. Anu rudely greets him once more. Tiwari asks Anu that how is she doing? Anu tells Tiwari is she’s richer and better them him. Tiwari will get upset. Anu tells Tiwari to go away and stop shedding her time. Tiwari begins crying and leaves. Angoori displays up and greets Anu. Anu greets her once more. Angoori asks Anu that why is she in search of to aggravated? Anu tells her that anybody is coming to upto her to harass her. Angoori asks Anu that the place is she going? Anu tells Angoori that she’s going for buying on account of she was turning into bored. Angoori tells Anu that she do the entire household work when she is going to get bored. Anu tells Angoori that she will also be searching for some servants for her house. Anu flaunts her money by telling Angoori that Vibhu made 25000 rupees in eventually. Anu will get a rickshaw and leaves. Angoori says that she thinks that Anu is performing very another way.

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