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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar twenty third November 2022 Written Episode, Written Change on HindiAble.com

The episode begins with Ramji questioning learn to put together such a large amount. Bala taunted Ramji for on no account doing one thing for him. Bhim Rao questioned, acknowledged it was Bala’s fault. Ramji shouldn’t be accused of it. Bala blamed Bhim Rao, his downside stopped him from working and arranging money. Karola questioned Bala, requested why he couldn’t put together the money sooner than. Bala was infuriated. Karola requested him to slap her, questioned how an unknown lady slapping her was nay fully completely different from Bala slapping her. Rama requested Bala to answer. Lakshmi backed Rama; this question was additional important tha paying the debt. Hitesh taunted them. Deepaka’s mother favored Rama and Lakshmi, it was a large matter in every other case women will start residing silently like Phuliya. Bala had nothing in his ideas, acknowledged that he’ll give his life if unable to rearrange the money. Bala left, wasn’t working away nevertheless wished time to imagine. Anand went after Bala.

Bala puzzled learn to put together the money. There was nothing left to advertise or any person to ask from. Anand received right here to him, he wished to share what Bhim Rao as quickly as acknowledged to him. Anand suggested Bala that Bhim Rao as quickly as suggested him that no person will cope with our points like garbage until we ourselves cope with it like one. Bala was confused. Anand requested Bala to supply Karola the importance she deserves, so that no person threatens to hurt her. Make her succesful to deal with her state of affairs. Bala requested why everyone thinks that he doesn’t love Karola. He wished to make clear. Anand requested Bala to imagine how he’ll take his relationship forward. Bala was lucky that life gave him one different chance. Bala ought to assume on it. Joku heard this dialogue.

Jijabai requested Ramji why they’ve been nervous knowingly that they cannot put together the amount. Meera suggested {{that a}} family is one who sits in time of need and uncover a decision. Jijabai requested for the reply. Meera wished Bhim Rao to talk to that lady, he was able to persuade a Governor. It was potential for him to barter with the lady. Karola didn’t want Bhim Rao to worry for her husband’s mistake. Ramji reminded that Bala was his son. Ramji requested Bhim Rao to talk to the lady. Jijabai questioned. Bhim Rao went to the lady.

Joku educated Joshi about Anand dialogue with Bala. Joshi puzzled if the dialog had any impression on Bala. Bala received right here with a deal. Varchand welcomed him. Bala requested for 100 rupees, he has to pay a debt. After that Bala will depart Bombay. Karola will transform a burden for Bhim Rao, that will suffice Joshi and Varchand’s wants. Joshi accepted the deal. Bala requested for 100 rupees. Joshi handed him 1 rupee; the amount Bala deserves. Bala requested for 20 rupees, as a mortgage. Joshi laughed on the lower caste asking for a mortgage. Joshi didn’t perception Bala to lend him the money. Varchand suggested that he cannot perception him when none of Bala’s family members perception him. Varchand left. Joku acknowledged that it was Bhim Rao’s doings, he poisoned everyone in opposition to Bala.
Bala sat down, recalled Joshi and Varchand eager to help Bala and the best way they refused to perception him correct now. Deepak suggested that Joshi and Varchand have been on no account their very personal. Bala was befriending Joshi and Varchand whereas Bhim Rao was stopping with Ramji for Bala.

The woman punished an individual for not returning her money. The individual was being compelled to carry bricks in his hand. Bhim Rao received right here to talk to her. The woman acknowledged Bhim Rao as Bala’s brother. She refused to increase time. She was mad about her money. Bhim Rao argued with the lady for a while. Bhim Rao requested him on the end. The woman requested the alternative man she was punishing to depart.
Karola puzzled if the lady would negotiate. Rama requested her to not worry, Bhim Rao will cope with it. Jijabai questioned; Bhim Rao was no prince. She ridiculed everyone for considering Bhim Rao a solution to all their downside whereas in precise he’s the difficulty. Rama requested Jijabai to remember that Bhim Rao was the one one who received right here with decision. Rama wasn’t proud, she believed in Bhim Rao.

The woman gave Bala in the end’s time to return her value.

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