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Harphoul Mohini sixteenth November 2022 Written Episode Replace: Shalini Scared Of Devi – HindiAble

Harphoul Mohini sixteenth November 2022 Written Episode, Written Substitute on HindiAble.com

Scene 1
Mohini says in case you wished you couldn’t come to the police station and likewise you didn’t inform anyone the truth. Thanks. Shalini includes Devi. She’s feeding Saraswati. Shalini provides Devi milk. She says thanks. Devi drinks it. Shalini blended spices in it. She says now this Devi will cry. Shalini says didn’t one thing happen? She says it was sweet and fascinating. Shalini is shocked. She sees Santok. She provides the milk to Santok. He says it’s sweet. What did you add to it? Shalini is confused. She drinks it herself and screams that it’s spicy. Shalini says in my throat. She cries and cough. Devi says isn’t it good? Mai asks what occurred. She provides her water. Devi says she gave me milk after which tried it himself and commenced coughing. Devi drinks the rest of it.

Shalini says nothing occurred to her with spicy milk. She provides it to Divyani. Divyani screams. Balwant says what’s that this? Haprhoul says I can’t sleep till this lady lives proper right here. The fact could be out sooner or later. How will Mai behave? She obtained right here out of a watermelon. Mai comes there. She says that lady obtained right here out of watermelon? What do you indicate? Harphoul says she ate your complete watermelon. That’s what I discussed. Mai says you every had been combating. Harphoul says she on a regular basis takes her side. Mohini says he’ll get mad at a child too. Mai says Mohini are you hiding one factor? Harphoul says no, don’t worry. Mai leaves. Mohini says in case you react this fashion, how will I preserve proper right here? Within the occasion you don’t want Devi proper right here, I’ll depart too. He says are you crazy? I like.. I take care of you. I can’t see you in problem.

Scene 2
Harphoul tries to restore his button. He sees Devi on the mattress. He says it’s not your dad’s place. Sleep on the bottom. He throws the pillow. Devi locations her sheet on the bottom and sleeps there. Harphoul feels harmful. Mohini is on the market in. She says Devi why are you sleeping there? Mohini sleeps with Devi. She says I’ll on a regular basis sleep with you. Haprhoul seems at them. He moreover sleeps on the bottom. Devi smiles at him. Mai says Harphoul talked about she obtained right here out of watermelon. That’s exactly what I heard. Devi goes out at night.

Devi includes Balwant’s house. He’s asleep. She says how dare you harm and kill girls? Stand up. She screams… Balwant is scared. He sees Devi. He screams in fear. Devi stabs him. He screams. She’s not there. Balwant says it was a dream. Am I a coward? no one can contact me. He screams and sees marks on his hand. He says I’ve to fulfill that lady. She’s not common.

Episode ends

Precap: Harphoul is on bike with Devi. He drops her at bus station and says, you retain proper right here, I’ll come once more. Balvant says, I made Harphoul depart Devi. Balvant’s automotive hits Devi.

Substitute Credit score rating to: Atiba


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