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One Piece Chapter 1068 Spoiler: Dragon Will Meet Luffy? The Straw Hat Pirates will battle CP0 once more

One Piece Chapter 1068 spoilers are circulating that say Zoro, Sanji and Nami are going to eat Satan Fruit.
The spoilers which have surfaced on YouTube are unlikely to be true.

This matches the leakers’ rationalization of what’s going to occur within the EggHead arc.

A number of issues will occur in Egghead, together with Luffy assembly the dragon and studying the key of the Satan Fruit. Here’s a spoiler for One Piece 1068.

A number of issues are alleged to occur within the EggHead arc that begins in One Piece 1068.

Within the earlier chapter, it was revealed that the previous Vegapunk-described robotic from the Age of Void was a robotic that after fought the World Authorities.

It’s simply that, on its solution to Meriejois, the traditional robotic’s energy supply immediately died.

Then one other reality was revealed: CP0 was already on the fringe of EggHead Island.

They intention to finish CP0.

Nevertheless, it appears to be like just like the Straw Hat Pirates will defend Vegapunk and battle CP0 brokers.

A number of individuals have talked about what’s going to occur on EggHead Island from One Piece 1068.

Amongst them, the origin of the Satan Fruit which shall be revealed in EggHead.

Eiichiro Oda talked about that the origin of the Satan Fruit could be revealed when the unique Vegapunk was revealed.

So, now that the unique Vegapunk has appeared in One Piece 1067, will the Satan Fruit’s origin be revealed quickly?

Right here is the One Piece 1068 spoiler concerning what occurred on EggHead Island:

Seraphim Doflamingo.

Rationalization of Decide Sanji-Vinsmoke’s expertise.

Improved Franky.

The supply of the satan’s fruit

Zoro asks for therapeutic with a smile.

The dragon meets Luffy.

Rationalization of historical weapons.

Nika’s rationalization.

Straw Hat Pirates vs. CP0

That is a proof of One Piece 1068 spoiler.


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