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One Piece Chapter 1068 Spoiler: Dragon’s Previous Turns Out To Be An Ex-Marine With Sakazaki

There’s one fascinating factor within the One Piece manga that Reddit spoilers reveal about Dragon.
As a member of the Revolution, Dragon, who can be Luffy’s father, stays a thriller.

Who would have thought that his previous was that of a marine who labored with Akainu (Sakazaki)?

The Reside Dragon card explains that the Revolutionary Military was fashioned after Roger’s dying.

It was between 24 and 19 years between Luffy’s start and now.

Dragon, now 55, was not a revolutionary till he was 31-36.

His “Reside” card additionally hints at attainable secrets and techniques about his previous.

Sooner or later in his life, he realized how rotten the world was.

Dragon turns into satisfied that it’s his obligation to vary the world for the higher.

This makes followers see a discrepancy between his superior age and his 31-36 years.

A marine makes much more sense for a narrative like Dragon’s.

We’ve seen related tales of marines leaving the army up to now, like Kuzan or Zephyr.

Dragon joined the Marines and was a part of it till a sure incident between the ages of 24 and 19.

Then he went to kind a revolutionary military.

His relationship with the Admirals is like Sakazaki’s.

If we analyze Marineford, we are able to see how Akainu by no means known as Luffy by title.

However he was at all times known as the son of the Dragon.

It’s fairly superb as a result of he did it even earlier than Segonku made the official announcement.

In Chapter 1067, Vegapunka will inform Luffy and his buddies in regards to the origins of Egghead Island in addition to the darkish historical past of historical robots.

The next is the spoiler content material of One Piece 1067.

The title of this chapter is “Punk File”, with the duvet “Decide versus Caesar Vinsmoke Decide”.

Within the first chapter, Vegapunk instructed Luffy and his buddies that he ate a satan fruit named Mind-Mind No Mi.

This means is kind of distinctive in that it has in depth storage and lore.

This prompted Vegapunk’s head to develop.

Moreover, Vegapunk defined the origin of the title Egghead Island, which grew to become his residence together with six different Vegapunks.

He continues, “The historical past of historical robots was created within the vacuum age,” so these robots shook the federal government, or Gorosei, at the moment.

On the following web page, CP0 members Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy have arrived on Egghead Island.

He additionally introduced the Seraph to Bartholomew Kuma.

On this chapter, the intentions and aims of the CP0 members arriving on Egghead Island can be revealed.

On the finish of the chapter, the actual Bartholomeu Kuma all of the sudden regains his reminiscence and flees.


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