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Rocks D. Xebec’s son

One of many newest discussions is who’s Rock D. Xebec son . This has opened many discussions between followers . Many theorize that Rocks D. Xebec’s son is both Shanks ,Blackbeard or Rocks D. Tar.


Shanks Pink-Haired Shanks is a legendary and highly effective pirate within the Grand Line. Being the captain of the Pink Haired Pirate Crew and one of many 4 Emperors within the second half of the grand line.

Teories about Shanks

Someplace in west blue is the place Shank is from. Doesn’t refute his relationship to Rocks. I imagine it refutes the declare that he was raised utterly aboard Rogers’ ship.

Moreover, Captain John might be seen within the thriller Bark (which is an island from west blue). To be able to help the speculation, I imagine it’s believable that God Valley is positioned someplace in West Blue. Roger left Shanks on an unspecified island till he was mature sufficient to embark on a voyage at sea. Shanks, who’s 39, would have been a child on the time of the 38-year-old God Valley Incident. We’re conscious that Garp avoids discussing the God Valley Incident. What if his discovery of Shanks there was a contributing issue?

Together with Roger, he killed Rocks. The 2 of them later found Shanks the kid on Xebec’s ship. Garp felt he had two choices: let him die or let Roger take him along with his crew. As a result of he knew the Planet Authorities wouldn’t welcome a baby of Rocks D. Xebec into the world. Shanks grew to become an apprentice on Roger’s ship on this method. One other essential factor: This could help Roger’s resolution to offer Garp accountability for Ace. Roger was conscious that Garp wouldn’t allow the World Authorities to imprison or kill a baby of a pirate due to the God Valley Incident and Shanks.

Rocks D. Tar

Rockstar  is a member of the Pink Hair Pirates, being comparatively new within the crew two years in the past.Rockstar is a confident man who exudes a powerful feeling of pleasure. He needed to combat Whitebeard’s males for insulting him and tarnishing his popularity. Moreover, he made an effort to spotlight the importance of the letter he handed to Whitebeard by drawing on the ability of his commander. He seems to be fairly dedicated to his captain, defending him in entrance of Whitebeard.

Teories about Rocks D.Tar

The World Authorities tried to disguise his authentic identify, simply as they did with “Gold” Roger, by leaving off the D and giving him the brand new identify RocksTar. The connections had been evident beforehand, however the World Authorities’s historical past of hiding names from the D. clan solely serves to emphasise them. The Gorosei brazenly expressed their fear in regards to the D. identify changing into too well-known.

Many imagine Tar joined Shanks’ gang as a result of he was a member of Roger’s crew, which killed Tar’s father. Tar is getting ready to betray his captain in a way just like Blackbeard in an effort to actual revenge on Xebec. When Shanks thinks the time is true, he’ll act and Blackbeard could have their fated battle.

Following Shanks’ demise and the lack of each arms, Blackbeard—who additionally respects Xebec and is presently in control of the Hachinosu (the pirates from the Rocks)—provides Tar the possibility to affix his crew. Which he’ll settle for as a result of his goal is to kill anybody who’s related to Rocks or accountable for his fall. With Blackbeard’s energy, Tar will be capable to accomplish his goal, and his subsequent victims shall be Buggy, Garp, Bogard, Rayleigh, Gaban, and Crocus. Among the remaining Roger pirates, together with Erio, Taro, Doringo, Donquino, and Spencer, have already been killed by him.

The truth that lots of his victims are individuals near Luffy can also be no coincidence.Every of Shanks, Rayleigh, and Garp maintain a particular place in Luffy’s coronary heart, and their dying can be extraordinarily painful to him. This solely serves to accentuate the inevitable conflict between the D.s at Snort Story, which can mimic the occasions in God Valley. This time, Marshall D. Train and Rocks D. Tar will sq. off in opposition to Monkey D. Luffy to find out who will win the One Piece and succeed because the Pirate King.


Marshall D. Train, mostly referred to by his epithet Blackbeard, is the captain-turned-admiral of the Blackbeard Pirates, and one of many 4 Emperors. He’s additionally the one identified individual in historical past to wield the powers of two Satan Fruits.

Teories about Rocks Blackbeard

Rocks, not him, is his father. Chapter 957 of the One Piece manga has made a major impression on One Piece followers everywhere in the world, and we will all agree that it is among the finest written One Piece chapters ever! One factor particularly appeared clear given all of the hints that Oda had beforehand offered, regardless of the deluge of information that he had given us: Rocks is Blackbeard’s father.

To start with, the pirate island Beehive is the place Blackbeard’s hideout resides. Till Sengoku revealed that Beehive was additionally Rock’s base of operations and the situation the place he initially put collectively his gang in chapter 957, this information had little significance.  Though it’s potential to dismiss this as a coincidence, Blackbeard could also be dwelling on this island due to his father’s ties to it. The Saber of Xebec, the principle battleship of Blackbeard.

The truth that we now know Rock’s full identify was Rocks D. Xebec.However, has utterly modified the best way we see issues. This reality isn’t extensively identified within the One Piece universe . As a result of the worldwide authorities has destroyed all data of historic Rocks. Due to this, solely Rock’s crew, Roger’s crew, and a really small variety of retired marines would pay attention to Rock’s actual identify. Rock’s full identify is simply identified to Blackbeard if he’s associated to Rock ultimately. 

Because of this, the identify of his ship, Saber of Xebec, would actually change to The Sword of Xebec. Blackbeard, as everyone knows, is 40 years previous and was raised as an orphan. 38 years in the past, Rocks was killed. This could point out that Blackbeard was 2 years previous when Rocks handed away. And if Rocks had been his father, his passing would have left the younger pirate on his personal.


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